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Kye Plant has an intimate conversation with a different guest each episode about taboo and stigmatized subjects* Sometimes the guest is Kye's friend, but often times they've never spoken before. The two connect on the human experience and though we all have different lives, you'll find you're able to relate to parts of everyone's story!

Often a few laughs, sometimes a few tears, but ALWAYS an honest, raw and heartfelt conversation that is guaranteed to make you feel less alone.






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Nov 18, 2019

My partner and I discuss my Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis and how I've found space to heal and grow.  

We also talk:
understanding trauma & attachment wounds;
identifying needs;
communicating needs & boundaries;
chaotic relationships;
and fear of rejection/abandonment.

Nov 3, 2019

Rain Dove talks about the complex relationship between compassion and rage: how they deal with a stranger's anger being directed at them. 

We also discuss: activism; gender; trusting others; trauma; 'righteous rage'; power dynamics; violence; making mistakes; and SO MUCH MORE! 

Oct 7, 2019

Magnolia McKay talks about being raised Christian (where abstinence-based sexuality was the norm) + the pain and confusion that surrounded that experience.
She also talks about: Spiritual Abuse, Divorce, Shame, Sexual Repression, being attracted to multiple genders, reclaiming her sexuality, and much MORE!

Sep 10, 2019

Levi Chase (returning guest) and I both share a fear of men (and trauma at the hands of men).  Both of us attend weekly MKP I-Groups (a men's organization that acts as a direct response to 'toxic masculinity': men taking ownership and accountability for their actions and trauma).  In this episode, the two of us talk...

Aug 27, 2019

Carey Niekrash spent YEARS binge-eating + restricting + over-exercising + dieting + hating herself and her body.  Holy shit, she's come a long way!  She's now an anti-diet health coach, but on this episode she talks ALL about her past. 

We talk all things:
postpartum depression,
sexual assault (TW),