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Kye Plant has an intimate conversation with a different guest each episode about taboo and stigmatized subjects* Sometimes the guest is Kye's friend, but often times they've never spoken before. The two connect on the human experience and though we all have different lives, you'll find you're able to relate to parts of everyone's story!

Often a few laughs, sometimes a few tears, but ALWAYS an honest, raw and heartfelt conversation that is guaranteed to make you feel less alone.





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May 20, 2019

Non Wels talks about being a hyper-sensitive, weirdo-artist humyn and what it was like to grow up with an angry, scary dad!  We talk about asserting boundaries and interacting with those scary parents as adults.  

We also discuss: 
craving control because of chaos; 
embracing the chaos; 
wishing our dad's weren't...

May 6, 2019

Kelsey grew up feeling like her parents hated her and she's had troubled relationships ever since. She was eventually diagnosed with BPD, which we talk about at length, but what I find truly interesting is what some psychologists call Childhood Emotional Neglect: "Why do I feel so fucked up but can't point to...

Apr 7, 2019

Carl M. tells the story of his father's chaotic and traumatic life (and how that affected Carl).  Carl's grandfather abandoned the family and Carl's grandmother was mentally unstable and thus, Carl's father spent most of his own childhood physically ill and in institutions (hospitals and foster care).  We discuss,...

Mar 17, 2019

An Anonymous guest tells the story of how his childhood sexual abuse is tightly wound into his inability to "feel" heavy emotions (eg. when his best-friend died) and how later that manifested in what he now refers to as "Pure OCD".  Then, as a 30 year old, he was sexually assaulted in a hook-up-gone-HORRIBLY-wrong on...

Mar 11, 2019

Aneela Kumar struggled with hair pulling (trichotillomania) since a young age (because of an underlying anxiety).  It wasn't until she was standing atop her business's building in NYC, wishing she could jump that she was able to finally make the changes to live a healthier life (quit her "stable", yet unfulfilling life,...