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Jun 27, 2016

Courtney Wendland returns to discuss the murder of her brother when she was a teenager: the devastation, PTSD, and recovery.  She has a resilient, beautiful heart and this is an amazing episode!

We discuss:
loss, trauma and recovery;
street outreach;
hatred, death, pain;
physical trauma and...

Jun 20, 2016

Crystal talks: existential depression; rejecting beauty standards; self-worth; MAKING ART; purpose; coping mechanisms; spirituality; meditation; & more!

Crystal (AKA White Poppy: musician/artist) and I chat about the anxiety & depression connected to PURPOSE, self-worth, and "success" (WHAT EVEN is THAT?).


Jun 12, 2016

Gillian talks: sex positivity; feeling like an ALIEN; SSRIs; queer culture; Viagra; body dysmorphia; eating disorders & self-acceptance!

Former Olympic athlete, Gillian C, and I talk about SEX!

We also talk:
gender alignment,
medication (and going off meds),
navigating relationships,
and MANY...