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Oct 3, 2018

We talk: being a highly sensitive person (HSP) & an empath; being a "good" kid; bible college; perfectionism; organized religion; & feeling inadequate

PART ONE! My guest was class valedictorian, got good grades, went to bible college, and didn't drink or have sex until she was 20, so how did she end up in rehab a few years later?  She appeared to be "excelling" in life (destined for great things), but she was SEVERELY depressed--her coping mechanism was disordered eating, and later alcohol and drugs.

This is PART ONE of her story.

We talk about:
being a highly sensitive person and an empath; 
organized religion; 
stage fright; 
feeling inadequate; 
being a female in a male-dominated music scene; 
overwhelming pressure to "succeed"; 
comedy specials; 
and SO much more.

Listen to PART TWO here!

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