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Nov 12, 2018

We talk religious brainwashing; cocaine addiction; becoming a Christian missionary across the world; being a mom; sexual assault (CW); conversion therapy; and abusive parents.

From religious brainwashing to cocaine addiction to becoming a Christian missionary across the world, this is a story of a mother-of-two who is processing the abuse she experienced in her younger years. Her parents were hippies in the 70's but a bad trip led them to the Jesus Movement and later to become extremely conservative evangelical Christians who sheltered their children from the outside world. This is the dark side of "the light".  

We discuss:
psychological manipulation,
sexual repression,
abusive parents,
being a prophet,
sexual assault (TW),
denouncing your upbringing,
conversion therapy,
the long-term effects that brainwashing has on children,

Listen to PART TWO here!

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