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Dec 24, 2018

Amber talks abusive/neglectful parents; radical healing; hyper-sensitivity; compassion & empathy; & finding out her abusive dad was repressing his homosexuality (after he died)!

She found out her angry, violent father was gay after he died (via his hidden dildo and porn collection) but he never let on that he had a secret. But what chance did he have? His dad used to drive him into the country to beat the shit out of him and leave him to find his way home. Amber suspects it's because her grandpa knew her dad was "different". I call amber my guru--she considers herself a claircognizant medium. She went through a four year period of deep, crippling depression but managed to work through her trauma in a strange and wonderful way. This is a wild story!

We also discuss:
getting pregnant at 16 and kicked out of her house,
cutting + depression + hopelessness,
her dad's speedo collection,
a secret, magical letter she wrote me,
and lots more!

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