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Feb 10, 2019

Josh talks: being raised in a culture of fear and judgement; compassion; speaking in tongues; shame; self-hatred; & reclaiming spirituality!

Josh Van Leeuwen was raised in constant fear of hell + a culture of fear, intolerance, homophobia, racism, ETC.  Yet, he's one of the kindest, warmest people you're likely to meet.  So how'd a person raised in fear become such a compassionate being?  LISTEN IN ON MY TALK WITH HIM!

We discuss: 
his mother's death, 
speaking in tongues + other absurd actions caused by "the holy spirit" (eg. barking like dogs in public), 
laughter as medicine, 
raising children to be loving and accepting, 
sweat lodges, 
RECLAIMING your spirituality! 
and MORE!

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