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Jan 12, 2020

My guest and I discuss addiction, challenging families, how to NOT pass on trauma to your kids, feeling okay with doing nothing, needing creativity, FOMO, the quest for power and fame and SO much more.  

CW: brief talk of self-harm and suicide.

Oct 3, 2018

We talk: being a highly sensitive person (HSP) & an empath; being a "good" kid; bible college; perfectionism; organized religion; & feeling inadequate

PART ONE! My guest was class valedictorian, got good grades, went to bible college, and didn't drink or have sex until she was 20, so how did she end up in rehab a few...

Jul 9, 2018

Bradford talks: being sober, single, gay & 38; giving up his marriage, crystal meth, & alcohol; feeling invisible; putting up a tough exterior; AA (12-step) & making amends!

Bradford (Ep. 33) returns!!!  It's been one year since we talked and one year of sobriety for him.  Soon after our last talk, he moved to LA (after 13...

Mar 11, 2018

He was in rehab at age 14 and living in a homeless shelter in his 20s.  He crashed a car into a house and was locked out of his apartment by police.  He's sober now (and an amazing photographer)!  My anonymous guest tells his story of addiction, recovery, grief, suicide attempts, and finding peace.

CW: suicide,...

Feb 11, 2018

An anonymous guest tells the story of how she was rejected from an out-patient program (rehab) after hitting a "bottom".  She talks about BPD, addiction, rehab, self-sabotage, coping mechanisms & health insurance.

CW: overdose, addiction, hospital.

We also talk about:
drugs, alcohol, anxiety, depression, self-hatred,...