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Sep 28, 2016

Psalm talks being bullied; growing up in a small town; ADHD; toxic masculinity; finding QUEERness; challenging gender norms; & creating your own meaning!

Psalm Frond and I went to high-school together!  Psalm and I were never friends and this is one of our first substantial conversations--we share SO many similarities!  They tell their story about growing up in a small town, being picked-on for being WEIRD, and coming to terms with queerness (which was maybe there all along).  

We also talk:
being called "gay" or "fag" as an insult;
being misgendered & the "category crisis";
being home-schooled & alternative education; 
clothing style as personal & political activism; 
being bullied and in turn fighting back; 
childhood queer experiences; 
patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and the cult of masculinity; 
being labeled as "other" and "gay" by others; 
not conforming; 
toxic environments; 
the importance of having families/people with different values in your life; 
challenging your own gender & coming to terms with our own queerness or otherness; 
being a willing (sometimes unknowingly) agent of patriarchy; 

This is a really cool episode (especially for me) and if you're queer or were ever an outsider, a weirdo, or a freak, you will connect with it!

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