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Jan 19, 2022

Dayle Hendrix's entire life changed when, at age 16, she received a terminal diagnosis (Fabry Disease).  She thought she'd be dead at 30, but she's surpassed that age and now she's making sense of her diagnosis and what LIFE and DEATH mean to her.  This is one of my fav episodes!

We also discuss:

Being raised as a...

Aug 27, 2019

Carey Niekrash spent YEARS binge-eating + restricting + over-exercising + dieting + hating herself and her body.  Holy shit, she's come a long way!  She's now an anti-diet health coach, but on this episode she talks ALL about her past. 

We also discuss:
postpartum depression,
sexual assault (TW),

Jan 20, 2019

Raul is disabled, queer and radical; they have Lyme Disease & Bipolar; we talk dissociation, CPTSD, Meds, support systems, being young and disabled & more!

CW: violence

Raul Odo has been living with chronic pain since they were 6 and were bitten by a lyme-carrying tick.  It was caught immediately, and Raul was informed...

Sep 17, 2018

Tanille Geib, multi-disciplinary artist/educator, talks with me about the power of vulnerability!

We also talk about:
rejecting beauty standards,
rejection & desire,
healing the self,
complex PTSD (CPTSD),
trauma and SO much more!

Contact Tanille:

Apr 19, 2018

Holly Lowery (ED recovery coach + anti-diet advocate) talks about her history with disordered eating & recovery AND presents healthier ways to have relationship with food & eating.

We also talk about:
myths & misconceptions about food & eating, eating disorder grey areas, atypical anorexia/bulimia, "clean eating"...