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May 14, 2021

Shayne Dyment returns (episodes 60, 72, 73) on his 2-years-out-of-prison anniversary!  Shayne spent 22 years (a life sentence) in prison for murder, he's finding his meaning and NEW ways to express himself emotionally and artistically!

CW: brief talk of violence, murder, childhood sexual abuse.

We discuss:
the CYCLE of violence & pain;
understanding BOUNDARIES;
true crime & the FASCINATION with violence & murder;
learning to be a NObody;
PAIN as a teacher;
learning the HARD way;
the dark side of celebrity;
hitting ROCK bottom;
stepping out of the intergenerational cycle of pain by SITTING with the pain and emotions;
art, creativity, learning to EXPRESS;
finding jobs that FIT our needs;
understanding PROJECTIONS;
the spiritual AWAKENING found in the prison experience;
the desire to FIT in;
colonialism, academia, hypocrisy;
and SO much more!

Shayne's Youtube channel!

Recorded Nov 3, 2020.

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