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Oct 8, 2016

(Pt 2) Crystal talks: suicidal ideation (CW); setting attainable and reasonable goals; reaching out for support; feeling overwhelmed; trusting that things will work out; & the challenge of receiving compliments!

Crystal Dorval (musician/artist AKA White Poppy) returns!

We also discuss:
being an HSP introvert;
suicidal ideation;
being overwhelmed by daunting tasks; 
putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves and how we can learn to strip that away and find calm; 
black and white thinking (all or nothing);
the importance of reaching out, talking and therapy; 
being okay with not being okay;
DBT (dialectic behavior therapy); 
trauma (the body holds it and it will come out one way or another); 
the power of talking (counselling, journaling, support groups, etc); 
Theory U (the fear of change and the state of being uncertain what will happen when you've made a change in your life); 
marcel the shell (Jenny Slate); 
ambiguous words we don't REALLY know the meaning of but use all the time (eg. 'success' and 'happiness');
DIY initiatives; 
reinventing the live music experience (especially for introverts);
keeping it simple;  

This episode is AMAZING.  Go listen to Crystal's music (aka White Poppy) on her bandcamp!

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